Bari – Matera: fridge on the track, no damages, fortunately

Pubblicato il 26/04/2018

A serious episode of interruption of the railway movement, fortunately without consequences, has occurred on 24 April, shortly before 7.00 p.m. on the railway line FAL Bari – Matera, off Binetto. Unknown persons have placed a fridge and some wooden pallets on the tracks, an act of vandalism that would have caused serious damages to the passengers of the train, without the control system of the train running SSC- Train Stop that FAL, unique railway in Italy, has put into operation on December 2017. The diligence of the guard and of the engine-driver, who have personally removed the obstacles from the track, has allowed the regular recovery of the movement not long after. The Company has reported the fact to Carabinieri.

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