Quality and services

The management plans are the result of the necessary and diligent compromise between the demand of mobility and the resources available. Each change to the management plan is communicated through mass media, the distribution of pocket timetables, notices displayed in all the stations and stores, on the website www.ferrovieAppulolucane.it and on the Facebook page of the Company.
The railway service is not executed on Sundays and on holidays. In these days a substitutive bus service is ensured and also the railway travel cards are valid.


Trains, covering their own tracks, are regular and safe. However come drawbacks can come to light; FAL is able to give adequate and quick solutions.


The tariff system of the company and the regulations that govern the transport agreement, are regulated for the lines of relevant competence, by the Laws of Regione Puglia and Regione Basilicata. Tickets must be obliterated by the devices situated in the stations or on the buses. Travel cards can be weekly or monthly and allow the use of the train and or of the bus.


Reduced tariffs
Reduced are indicated for several categories of customers: people with disability, members of the Police, voters, etc. The details and the conditions of these special terms are listed in the Service Charter of FAL at http://ferrovieAppulolucane.it/qualita-e-servizi/carta-dei-servizi/


Children under the age of 10, singularly accompanied by an adult, can travel free of charge.


By train with your bike

FAL has always been engaged in favouring the process of implementation of cycle mobility through intermodal transport bicycle/train with excellent results. All the stations are supplied with racks and all the new trains have onboard stalls to allow passengers to travel with their bikes. Close to the station of Bari Centrale, the first Velostazione of Southern Italy has been put into operation since 2016 and many others are going to be activated in other stations of the line.


In the station with Oscar and WiFal

In all the railway stations FAL between Bari – Altamura and Matera, and soon also on the lines of Potenza, the services of free Wi-Fi zone (Wi FAL) and of free recharge of smartphones and tablet through the small trees Oscar are active. To access the WiFal system, it is sufficient to authenticate (only once) and start surfing free of charge. Instead, to use the services of Oscar, it is sufficient to choose, via touch screen, if you want to use the quick charge through the lateral wires or the sage charge in the small boxes that can be activated through code and/or fingerprints. The small box, during the charge, ensures also the disinfection of the device.


Accessibility to customers with reduced mobility

The FAL stations already renovated have no physical obstacles (allowing also to join and leave the train at ground) and, step by step all other stations will be renovated in the same way. The new trains are accessible to passengers with reduced mobility and the most part of the new buses have systems with retractable platforms allowing easy boarding and disembarking. To allow FAL the organization of an adequate assistance, the interested customers have to send a communication 24 hours before the trip. For further information and details, please visit the attached document.


The ticket sale to the public takes place in the ticket offices of the stations and in the shops present in the locations reached, online on the website www.ferrovieAppulolucane.it  , via App. Please read to the shops at this link.


Each passenger found not to be in possession of a valid or stamped ticket, unless he shows the impossibility of stamping for causes not depending on his will or that can belong to responsibilities of the company, is subject to an administrative penalty in compliance with the current regulations.


Integration train – bus

The use of travel documents has to be compliant with the modes of travel chosen and overprinted; this means that a railway travel document has to be used exclusively for a train tip, a bus travel document has to be exclusively used for trips by bus; the travel documents integrated train + bus are the only allowing to travel using both modes; however during holidays, because of the interruption of the railway service, it is allowed to use the railway travel documents even to travel by bus. It is the same in case of possible suspension/closure of railway trips. Information about the changes and the itineraries are given to customers via notices posted up in the stations and published online on the Facebook page.