Transparent administration

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The Legislative Decree 14 March 2013, n. 33 (Reorganization of the discipline concerning the obligations of advertising transparency and diffusion of information on the part of public administrations) defines the obligation on the part of each administration to publish on its institutional Website in this section of easy access and consultation, called: “Transparent Administration”, data, information, and documents concerning the several aspects of the administrative and institutional activity.

The responsible of the prevention of corruption (RPC) and Responsible for Transparency (RT) is Mr. Vito Lamaddalena – Deed of appointment

In this page there will be the link to all the sections and contents requested by the decree, for which the publication is established.

folder General instructions
folder Organization
folder Consultants and co-operators
folder Personnel
folder Call for bids
folder Controlled Authorities
folder Activities and proceedings
folder Measures
 folderControls on enterprises
folder Calls for tender and agreements
folder Grants, contributions, subsidies, economic benefits
folder Budgets
folder Properties and asset management
folder Services supplied
folder Payments to the administration
folder Public works
folder Planning and management of the territory
folder Environmental information
folder Other contents – Corruption
folder Other contents – Civic Access
folder Legislative Decree 231 and Company Ethics
folder Supplier register
folder Controls and surveys on the Administration