The main aim of the company is to offer more and more adequate services.
the pursuit of this aim takes place also through a constant confrontation with customers and with their representative bodies and, consequently, the following qualitative standards have been defined:

  • Safety of the ride (from December 2017 over 85 kilometres of railway line, between Bari and Matera and between Altamura and Gravina, the SSC-Train stop is active (SSC-Train stop is in operation (it is the highest safety standard concerning the train running because it performs the control of the identification and of the driving style of the train driver towards the appearance of the signals encountered along the line and the effective status of the signal itself).
    SSC Train Stop system – functioning scheme:
  • Personal and patrimonial safetyof the traveller
  • Regularity of the service and punctuality of means
  • Cleanliness and hygienic conditions of means and structures
  • Comfort of the ride
  • Services for disabled travellers
  • Information to customers
  • Level of service in the operations of ticket selling
  • Attention to the environment