Who’s who

Ferrovie Appulo-Lucane S.r.l. is born as autonomous company on January 1st 2001.

FAL is an S.r.l. 100% subsidiary of the Ministry of Transports.

The railway network of Ferrovie Appulo Lucane, at simple track and at reduced gauge (0.950 metres), stretches for a total of 183 km along two directions, involving Apulia and Basilicata:

  • Bari – Altamura – Matera
  • Potenza – Avigliano – Altamura – Bari

In the cities of BariMatera and Potenza, centrality of the track and the several stops will allow to satisfy the urban / suburban mobility.

The car network of Ferrovie Appulo Lucane – stretching from more than 1000 km, integrates and completes the railway network to supply a more detailed service to citizens:

  • north-west of Bari, on a parallel itinerary on the railway line, along the directions Bari-Altamura-Matera and Bari-Altamura-Gravina crossing the hilly strip of Murgia;
  • south-west of Matera, in Valbasento, along the direction Matera-Pisticci- Montalbano (area before Metaponto);
  • south-west and north-west of Potenza, where the road itineraries run almost in parallel with torrents Tiera, Anzi and Rifreddo, tributary of the river Basento;
  • south and south-west of Lagonedro along the valley line of Noce towards the Tyrrhenian coast and in the heart of the Parco Nazionale del Pollino;
  • north of Val d’Agri with a line connecting the districts of Atena (Salerno) and Villa d’Agri of Marsicovetere (Potenza).

Moreover, it is in phase of realization the new line Bari-Bitritto, 11 km long: it is included into a project of metropolitan lines involving other Transport Companies operating in the Apulian capital. The progressive renewal of means and structures takes place together with the introduction of the most modern operating systems.