The railways

Ferrovie Appulo Lucane has started a process of change aiming at efficiency and at the improvement of the quality of the services in Apulia and Basilicata.

The company mission is to put exclusively the traveller in the spotlight.

Ferrovie Appulo Lucane has undergone a series of engagements and projects in order to improve the levels of the services offered, infrastructures and communication.

The company has closed the last financial statements with profits higher than 3 million euros, about the double than the previous years. A trend that in the last 9 years has allowed three increases in share capital, ranging from € 10,012,911 in 2007 to € 15,000,000.

From 2007 till now, thanks to the synergy with the national Government and Regione Puglia and Regione Basilicata, FAL has invested 253 million euros among national, European and development and cohesion funds (with performance budgeting of 100%) to:

  • reinforce, secure and partly lay a second railway line (see the several rail yards in progress on the line Bari – Matera that will lead to a reduction of the travelling times);
  • renew the vehicle fleets: at present, 60% of buses and 90% trains are new; in 2007 the average age of trains was 20.8 years and today it is 6.4; the bus age was 23.4 years and today it is 9.9, below the national average, certificated at about 12 years; all the vehicles are supplied with air conditioning and the new trains with racks to travel with bicycles. All vehicles are accessible to people with disabilities;
  • increase the safety standards: from December 2017 on 85 kilometres of railway line, between Bari and Matera and between Altamura and Gravina, the SSC-Train stop is in operation (it is the highest safety standard concerning the train running because it performs the control of the identification and of the driving style of the train driver towards the appearance of the signals encountered along the line and the effective status of the signal itself);
  • remodel and renovate the stations, bringing them to the most modern and functional safety, environmental compatibility and usability standards, removing architectural barriers, submitting them to energetic upgrading with LED lighting systems; supplying them with barriers, free Wi-Fi connection (WiFal) and a totem for free smartphone and tablet recharge (little trees Oscar);
  • Invest in innovation and technology: FAL interacts in real time with customers via social networks, dedicated toll-free number, Internet, online and automatic ticket offices, App with times and possibility of ticket purchase; the unique ticketing FAL/Ferrotramviaria has been in operation since 2 years, with the possibility to purchase only one ticket, for example, from Bari airport to Matera and vice-versa. In Bari Centrale the Ferrotramviaria (that manages the connection with the airport) and FAL stations are connected between them through a lift; the unique ticketing FAL/Ferrotramviaria and Amtab in the City of Bari is also in operation; from March 2016 it is active in the FAL offices of Corso Italia, the first Velostazione of centre – south Italy, for which FAL has been awarded by Legambiente with the Ecosistema Urbano prize in November 2016;
  • Increase and improve the environmental sustainability and compatibility. The company offices and most part of the systems are powered by solar energy and an investment policy, aiming at the respect of the environment is all the company process is in progress: it is expected to be awarded with the environmental certification;
  • upgrade and standardize all the workplaces and offices;
  • realize new depots and Workshops

We are convinced that it is not easy nor instantaneous, but we wish to represent the engagement and the conscious will of all the persons working daily at FAL to give better and better answers to the requests of our customers, to contribute to the safeguard of our and our children’s environmental heritage but, above all, to offer a safer and efficient service.