Quality policy

F.A.L. s.r.l. is engaged in pursuing a modern management of quality through a policy that puts the customer at the centre of activities.
In particular the satisfaction of the internal customer is pursued through moments of verification and update on the themes linked to the services offered.
The satisfaction of the external customer is pursued through the adequation of all the process to his particular implicit and explicit needs, detected by monitoring the achievement of the targets agreed during the contractual phase.

Customers play a crucial role for the targets of F.A.L. s.r.l.

Hence, it is important to know them, supply services responding to their needs and create a high customer satisfaction.
The Service Charter, published by F.A.L. s.r.l., represents the concrete sign of the agreement that the company wishes to enter with the customers in order to orientate its Quality Management System to the expectations, to the needs and to the requests of the travellers.
The Service Charter is based on precise, punctual and measurable engagements concerning all the aspects of the service and all the segments of the offer and that can be meant as an orientation of the whole organization towards these targets.

The principles that determine the targets and the general addresses at all the levels of the company are the following:

  • Equality and fairness
  • Continuity
  • Participation
  • Efficiency and efficacy
  • Freedom of choice

The meaning and the implications of these principles are illustrated in detail in the Charter of Services of F.A.L. s.r.l.

The targets that F.A.L. s.r.l. wishes to reach are:

  • the orientationto the market and to the customer of the whole organization;
  • the centrality of the customerhence, the adoption of a strategy of dualism, focusing on the involvement of all the personnel through the diffusion of quality meant as culture of company management, on the part of the whole company management;
  • the developmentof a Quality Management System, that should involve all the levels of the organization, as tool to ensure the customer satisfaction and at the same time, the rationalization of the management of company process;
  • the improvement of the image and of the reputation on the market, hence: increase of the number of customers, increase of turnover, expansion of the company and possible entry into new areas of the market;
  • the satisfactionof all the parties involved (customers, users, employees, suppliers), hence: achievement of the budget targets, pay improvement, reduced absenteeism and reduced (or null) contentiousness with employees, constant reduction of the number of complaints, high level of customer satisfaction, partnership agreements with suppliers;
  • the respectof the explicit and implicit contractual engagements;
  • the care of communication towards the customer;
  • the assistanceto the customer;
  • the adoption of the most modern techniques of support to the client, pursued through a constant activity of training and update of the company management and of the employees that play crucial roles.
    For this purpose, it is important that all employees:
    – know and understand the expectations of customersand are conscious of the importance of their role for the satisfaction of these latter;
    – are informed and trained in an efficacious way;
    – are concerned and involved in the achievement of the company targets;
    – bear proposals and ideas that should contribute to the realization of the change.
  • the respect of the environmentand of the current environmental regulations;
  • the respect of the regulations for safety on workplaces.

The achievement and the fulfilment of these targets are constantly pursued through a continuous monitoring system executed above all on the basis of the assessment of the service on the part of the customer, which results are analysed by the Board of Directors.
With the achievement of these targets, it is meant to realize a company strongly focused on its own customers, increase the efficacy on the market and male the customer satisfaction the differentiating factor in a strongly competitive market.
The specific targets are annually defined by the General Direction and diffused to all the personnel.

Mr Matteo Colamussi
President of the Board of Directors