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We constantly work to improve the services of our railways.
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Railway route
Path or station with works
Operation description Position or station End of work date Details
Selective line-doubling at the station of Matera-Venusio Matera - Venusio 06/2019
Restyling of Bari-Policlinico station Bari Policlinico 03/2019
Laying of a second railway line Bari Policlinico – Bari S. Andrea Bari Policlinico - Bari S. Andrea 12/2018
Interment of the railway line and Modugno station Modugno station 06/2019
Laying of a second railway line Modugno – Palo del Colle Modugno - Palo del Colle 03/2019
Enclosure of the railway ground Altamura – Toritto Altamura - Toritto 06/2018
Renewal of the railway line Mellitto – Pescariello Mellitto - Pescariello 11/2018
Matera Serra Rifusa realization of intermodal terminal Serra Rifusa 10/2018
Upgrading of Matera Centrale station Matera Centrale 05/2019
Adjustment of the railway forecourt Matera Sud Matera Sud 12/2018
Potenza Terminal Gallitello Potenza Terminal Gallitello 09/2018
Realization of the light railway of Potenza and of three subways Potenza 10/2019
Renewal of the railway line Oppido – Cancellara Oppido - Cancellara 09/2018