About us

Between Puglia and Basilicata

Ferrovie Appulo-Lucane S.r.l. was born as an independent society on 1° January 2001.

The railway network of Ferrovie Appulo Lucane, on single track and narrow gauge (0,950 meters), has an overall extension of 183 km along two directions, involving Puglia and Basilicata:
● Bari – Altamura – Matera
● Potenza – Avigliano – Altamura – Bari

In the cities of Bari, Matera and Potenza, the tracks centrality and the many available stops allow to satisfy urban/suburban mobility needs as well.

The automotive network of Ferrovie Appulo Lucane, extending for over 1000 km, provides integration and completion to the railway one and grants a widespread service for people:
● north-west of Bari, on a parallel route to the railway line, along the directions Bari-Altamura-Matera and Bari-Altamura-Gravina crossing the Murgia hill belt;
● south-west of Matera, in Valbasento, along the direction Matera-Pisticci-Montalbano (pre-Metapontino area);
● south-west and north-west of Potenza, where road routes go in a almost-parallel way to Tiera, Anzi and Rifreddo torrents, tributaries of Basento;
● south and south-west of Lagonegro along the Noce valley bottom toward the tirrenian coast and in the heart of Pollino’s national park;
● north of Val d’Agri with a route connecting the location of Atena (Salerno) to Villa d’Agri in Marsicovetere (Potenza).

A new line is also in the process of being built, the Bari-Bitritto line with a length of 11 km, placed in a project of metropolitan network and involving other transport societies that work in Puglia regional capital.

The steady renewal of vehicles and structures is accompanied by the introduction of the most efficient and modern business systems.