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Provided Services
FAL business schedule is the result of a necessary yet complex compromise between the mobility demand and the available resources. Every variation to the business schedule is announced either through media, distribution of pocket timetables, public notices posted in stations and booking offices, as well as on our website www.ferrovieappulolucane.it.
The railway service is discontinued on sunday and on national holydays. In the beforementioned days, traveling on road lines is allowed for travelers with a railway ticket.

Emergency handing
Trains, traveling on property routes, are regular and safe. However some inconvenience might occur, to which FAL is able to provide prompt and appropriate solutions.

The charges system
Our enterprise charges system, as well as the rules concerning transport contract, is regulated, for lines of respective competency, by the regional laws of Puglia and Basilicata. Tickets have prescribed kilometric ranges and should be punched using the appropriate devices, located in stations or inside buses. Subscriptions can be made on a weekly or monthly basis and allow to use the train and the bus even in inter-modal combination train-bus; free travel is granted to young people below ten years old and singularly accompanied by adults; special admittance condition for transport are provided for voters as well as, within each regional law, for handicapped persons, registered disabled civilians and ex-servicemen and destitute, for luggage transport and domestic animals

Travel ticket sale
Ticket sale to the public is done in station ticket offices and in around 100 agreed booking offices located in all of the served locations. Check the list of booking offices >> The customer, by paying a supplement, can make use of the additional service provided by the company (integrating the ticket services offboard) that allows to buy ticket on board by contacting the personnel while boarding.

Customers with invalid tickets or ticket that has not been punched, unless this happened for proved reasons is subdued to administrative penalty provided by law.

Services for disabled travelrs
The company is equipping the fixed establishment and the rolling stock in order to satisfy all mobility needs of disabled travelers.

Modal integration – The company railway and road lines, anywhere possible, are integrated in a way that ensures the travel continuity in all of the territories served by our network. The charges integration, provided with the adoption of the all-in-one subscription ticket, has been activated in every locality where this integration was possible.

Customer information
Information about variations and routes are provided to customers with announcements that are posted in stations, stops, on trains and buses, as well as audio announcements.